Unity Plugin Overview

1. About Unity Plugins for iOS/Android
2. Unity Plugin Features & Notes

1. About Unity Plugins for iOS/Android

AdColony Unity3D Plugin is an AdColony library-wrapper SDK package for the Unity3D Editor. There are specific plugins for iOS and Android projects. Plugins can be imported with ease directly into Unity projects in the Unity3D Editor. There is no need to deal with the Eclipse (Android) and Xcode (iOS) IDEs, nor the native OS’s SDK packaging/code processes to implement AdColony video ads in a Unity3D application.

Using the Unity plugin system, AdColony is compiled with Unity’s code automatically into the packaged application executable when exporting for iOS and Android. This allows for easier iOS integrations and full Android support.
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2. Unity Plugin Features & Notes

— iOS & Android
Plugins supplied for both iOS and Android platforms.

— Full-featured SDK
AdColony Unity plugin experience is nearly identical to AdColony implemented via native code SDKs.

— Same Server APIs
Connects to the same server-side AdColony APIs for ad serving, tracking, and reporting.

— Sample Application Included
Comes with example applications so you can see how it all works, test it out, and integrate easier.

— No Simulator Support
Unity Editor does not have video capability and videos cannot be tested in the Xcode iOS and Android SDK simulators.
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