Supported Post Install Events

Below is the list of supported Post Install Events (PIE)
To view the full AdColony PIE API Documentation, click here


transaction: A purchase of in-app content

credits_spent: User spent in-app credits (either paid for or earned)

payment_info_added: Payment information (credit card, PayPal, etc) added to user’s account

achievement_unlocked: User unlocked a specified achievement

level_achieved: User reached a specific level

app_rated: User rated the app

activated: User activated account in-app

tutorial_completed: User completed the tutorial

social_sharing_event: User shared message/content to a social platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

registration_completed: User completed registration in-app

custom_event: May be configured for any event not specified here

session: Start & end time for the user’s session

add_to_cart: Item added to shopping cart

add_to_wishlist: Item added to wishlist

checkout_initiated: User initiated checkout from shopping cart

content_view: User view in-app content (video, etc)

install: First open of the app

invite: User sent invite to another user

login: User logged into account

open: User opened the app

reservation: User placed a reservation

search: User made a search

update: App updated completed