Receiving SKAN Postbacks from AdColony

This page lists the details for the advertisers on how to get set up with AdColony to receive SKAN postbacks.

Requirements from Advertiser

We require the advertiser to provide the following details to get on-boarded.

  • Working HTTPS/HTTP POST endpoint url (We recommend HTTPS).
  • The endpoint should be configured to receive POST JSON requests.

Testing the setup.

  • AdColony will send advertisers test pings of SKAN postbacks. Contact your account manager to schedule a test.

Disclaimer/Important notes:

  • SKAN postbacks will be in raw format, as received from the iOS device. AdColony will not be formatting the SKAN postbacks.
  • Once successfully onboarded, the advertiser would start receiving the SKAN postbacks from that time. Historical replay of data is not supported.
  • The SKAN postbacks’ JSON structure will be congruent to the one from Apple’s documentation. It could change anytime without any notice. Please refer to Apple’s documentation page here for more details: Verifying an Install Validation Postback.


Sample request:

This is how a sample request would look like from AdColony to the Advertisers configured endpoint.

curl -–header "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"version":"2.0","ad-network-id":"4pfyvq9l8r.skadnetwork","campaign-id":42,"transaction-id":"6aafb7a5-0170-41b5-bbe4-fe71dedf1e28","app-id":123456789,"attribution-signature":"MDYCGQCsQ4y8d4BlYU9b8Qb9BPWPi+ixk/OiRysCGQDZZ8fpJnuqs9my8iSQVbJO/oU1AXUROYU=","redownload":false,"source-app-id":123456789,"conversion-value":20}’ \