Network IDs for SKAdNetwork (iOS only)

To comply with SKAdNetwork standards add AdColony’s network ID and the additional IDs from this list int your info.plist file.  To copy an unformatted text version of the list please see our GitHub.

For more information on SKAdNetwork please see Apple’s information at 

Company Ad Network ID Website Privacy Policy
AdColony 4pfyvq9l8r.skadnetwork
Aarki 4fzdc2evr5.skadnetwork
Appier v72qych5uu.skadnetwork
Appreciate mlmmfzh3r3.skadnetwork
Beeswax c6k4g5qg8m.skadnetwork
Criteo hs6bdukanm.skadnetwork
CrossInstall (Twitter) prcb7njmu6.skadnetwork
Dataseat m8dbw4sv7c.skadnetwork
Jampp yclnxrl5pm.skadnetwork
Kayzen 4468km3ulz.skadnetwork
LifeStreet t38b2kh725.skadnetwork
Liftoff 7ug5zh24hu.skadnetwork
Loopme 5lm9lj6jb7.skadnetwork 9rd848q2bz.skadnetwork
MediaSmart 7rz58n8ntl.skadnetwork
MMG ejvt5qm6ak.skadnetwork!terms
Moloco 9t245vhmpl.skadnetwork
Personaly 44jx6755aq.skadnetwork
Pubnative tl55sbb4fm.skadnetwork
Remerge 2u9pt9hc89.skadnetwork
RTB House 8s468mfl3y.skadnetwork
Sift klf5c3l5u5.skadnetwork
Smadex ppxm28t8ap.skadnetwork
Valassis mtkv5xtk9e.skadnetwork
Youappi 3rd42ekr43.skadnetwork


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