Advertiser Reporting API

The Advertiser Reporting API v2.1.1 update is now available to advertisers for accessing aggregate campaign metrics via API. We recommend publishers begin updating to the v2.1 API. View the official API documentation in PDF here


  • Added Platform grouping
    Breakdown data by platform (iOS/Android)
  • Added Hourly date grouping
    Breakdown data by hour
  • Fixed known creative bug
    Unassigned creatives were being excluded from reporting


  • Extended support for grouping by country
    Full capability of grouping by ad group, creative, and country.
  • Fix bug ad group, country bug
    Fix a bug that didn’t allow for grouping ad group and country.
  • Extended documentation on API Queue Limit
    Updated documentation to provide detail on how the queue limit works.


  • Further break down data by creative
    View data broken out by creative, or by campaign by ad group by creative.
  • Additional campaign info
    See bid, bid type, and spend limit at campaign and ad group level


  • API key access
    Authenticate using your API key from the your account
  • One or more campaigns
    Use campaign ID to get one campaign, or get all campaigns
  • Daily or totals and group by options
    Daily or aggregate data, and group by date, campaign, ad group, or country
  • Custom date range or common intervals
    Easy common date ranges, like last 30 days, or custom start and end date
  • Multiple response formats
    Now support CSV, JSON, and XML output
  • Install attribution
    Coming soon! (MATA v1 API currently supports)