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User-Acquisition Advertising F.A.Q.

UPDATED: Aug 31, 2018 03:21PM PDT



1. Do you support any third-party tracking services?

Yes, AdColony works with a wide variety of 3rd party tracking solutions including: AppsFlyer, TUNE, Adjust, Kochava, Singular, and more. Contact for more information.
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2. How does install tracking work?

AdColony offers both a client side (SDK) and Server-to-Server (S2S) API solutions for conversion tracking using device IDs to track app installs. For more information, please visit or contact
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3. What conversion tracking identifiers do you support?

For more information, please visit or contact
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4. Do you offer a real-time dashboard for me to check performance?

Yes, you can see completed views, clicks, CTR, and spend-per-day on our real-time dashboards. Please visit for more details.
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5. What format should the Device IDs be in for the server-to-server (API) conversion tracking solution?

Please see for more details.
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​​6. I have more questions about integrating your conversion tracking API/SDK.

Please contact our support team at
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7. On the advertiser web portal, why is my eCPI figure greyed out in the data table?

eCPI is greyed out during the first few days of a new campaign to indicate that this figure is currently being optimized. It is normal and expected for a campaign to take at least 48 hours, and up to 7 days, to reach a normalized eCPI. Please do not be alarmed if the eCPI is not in line with your goals during this initial period.

AdColony currently operates on a CPCV (cost-per-completed-view) basis, meaning our advertisers pay for views, not installs. When your campaign initially launches it may take hundreds or even thousands of views until the first install occurs. This will naturally inflate your effective cost per install (eCPI) until we have gathered enough data to optimize your campaign. In addition, we employ a standard 7-day lookback window for attribution. This means that any user who clicked on your ad and then installed your app within the next 7 days will be counted as an AdColony-attributed install. When a campaign first starts, we don't have any historical data to benefit from this window.

Still have questions? Contact to speak with a support representative.
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1. Do you recommend a :15s or a :30s video creative?

We recommend a :20 - :30 second creative as these see the strongest user engagement.  :20 second spots have a 19% higher click through rate (CTR) than :15 second spots and a 24% higher CTR than :30 second spots.  
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2. Do you have video creation services if I don't have a video?

Yes, we can assist with your video needs. Please contact for more information.
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1. What platforms does AdColony support?

Currently, AdColony supports all iOS and Android platforms.
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2. What mobile apps are in the AdColony network?

AdColony’s technology is integrated into top apps from industry leading publishers. App categories include Games, News, Entertainment, Communications, Sports, Utilities, Music, and more.
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3. How many Completed Video Views can AdColony deliver per day?

Please contact to design a custom campaign that meets your objectives.
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4. What targeting options does AdColony support?

AdColony provides robust targeting options including: Platform (e.g. iOS, Android), Device (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet), Connection Type (e.g. WiFi, 4G), Geography (e.g. Region, Country, City, DMA), Demographics, Content (e.g. games, entertainment, news), and more. Contact for more details and to design a custom campaign that meets your campaign objectives.
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5. How many installs can AdColony deliver per day?

Please contact to design a custom campaign that meets your objectives.
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6. Are AdColony’s conversions (installs) incentivized?

No. AdColony’s clicks and conversions (installs) are 100% non-incentivized.
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1. What payment methods do you accept?

Wire transfer and credit card.
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2. Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can add funds directly to your account on the client dashboard here:
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3. I have a billing / invoice question. Who can I speak with?

Do you need help?

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