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UPDATED: Jul 26, 2016 11:06AM PDT


1. What video ad placements does your SDK support?

Our SDK puts you in control of your monetization strategy. Multiple video zones offer flexibility to the developer to monetize consumers with multiple video ad placements including:

Video ads are triggered as users transition from one page of in-app content to the next or move between levels of a game.

Video ads play before, during or after publisher video content. The full screen video ads are seamlessly integrated into the video viewing experiences as users engage during naturals breaks in the app experience.

Our value-exchange placement allows users to unlock access to premium content or virtual rewards in exchange for watching HD video ads. V4VC™ is a leading tool to monetize free-to-play apps and convert free players to paid.
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2. How do you pay publishers for video ads, and what are your fill rates and eCPM?

AdColony charges advertisers and pays publishers on a Completed Video View (CVV) basis. We will use eCPM here, to mean average per thousand completed impressions.

Our typical network fill rates and eCPM can fluctuate depending on the campaigns and applications. Some applications may have content or audiences that may not be acceptable or attractive to certain advertisers which may lower fill rates.  Advertisers may request only certain territories for their campaigns.  Because of this, your fill rate can fluctuate due to the location of your users.

Contact us directly to inquire about your eCPM. You can speak to publishing representatives who can help improve your application's advertising performance.
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3. Do you work with mediation layers like aggregation networks?

We recommend working directly with us and our latest SDK 2.0, but there are mediation layers AdColony has integrated and been certified with such as AdMarvel, Apprupt, Freewheel, Fuse Powered, Fyber, Liverail, MoPub, SupersonicAds, and Veniso. However, not all mediators implement all the features of our SDK, such as V4VC™ rewards which limits available features and higher paying premium ads. A full list of our certified mediation partners, including their supported features, is available here.

4. Can I see AdColony integrated and working in any live apps?

Yes, AdColony is currently integrated with many of the top publishers on both iOS and Android. You can see AdColony and our Instant-Play video ads in the following apps:
  • "Crossy Road" by Hipster Whale
  • "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" by Glu Games
  • "8 Ball Pool" by Miniclip
  • "Textfree Voice + VM" by Pinger

5. Can I see sample AdColony video creatives?

AdColony offers various Brand and UA campaigns across both iOS and Android platforms.

Jack in the Box “Late Night Slot Machine” Mobile Video Engagement Campaign from AdColony on Vimeo.

AdColony Creative Showcase: Best Fiends from AdColony on Vimeo.

More examples of the video campaigns we offer can be seen on our Vimeo account here.
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6. Can I run cross-promotional video ad campaigns for my own apps?

Any publisher in the network can run cross-promotional videos in his or her own apps using our "House Ads" feature. The rate for house ads is $5 CPM and will be deducted from your balance so you must have a positive advertising balance in order to run house ads. For more information, contact a representative at
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7. Can I disable or turn off AdColony ads in my apps?

Yes, AdColony can be disabled at any time in the client dashboard. To disable ads in a particular zone, simply go into your app settings and click on the name of the zone you wish to deactivate.  On this page you will select "No" from the section labeled "Is zone active?", then click the Save button at the bottom of the page.  You will know that you have deactivated your video zone as the indicator next to its name will be red and read "Inactive".  

To deactivate an entire app, make sure that you repeat the above steps for every zone in the app.  To reactivate your app, simply repeat the steps and choose "Yes" rather than "No" in the "Is zone active?" section. This gives you the flexibility to choose which zones should receive or not receive ads without needing to resubmit to the app store.
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8. Can I filter out ads that I do not want shown, or exclude types of ads from showing in my apps?

Yes, AdColony offers a variety of category filters that allow publishers to specify which advertising categories are suitable for their application. Note that adding filters to your app may decrease your fill rate since you are limiting a variety of ads.

These filters can be accessed in the "Edit App" page in the Publishers section in the client dashboard. In the "Customize Your Ads" section below this, you can filter out categories of ads (i.e. alcohol, gambling, movies, etc.) that may not be appropriate for your users.  Uncheck the boxes next to the ad categories to exclude them.
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9. Can I limit how many ads are shown in my app?

Yes, Frequency Caps allow you to limit the amount of ads shown to users within a particular time frame. For Interstitial video zones, caps are controlled in the "Additional Settings" section of the "Edit Zone" page.
Play Frequency determines how often a video will play when the zone is called. A Play Frequency of 0 or 1 will play a video every time the zone is called. A value of 2 will play a video every other time the zone is called. A value of 3 will play a video every third time the zone is called and so on.
Play Cap limits the number of ads shown per session. A Play Cap of 0 allows for unlimited video playback. A value of 1 limits playback to one video per session. A session is defined as a continuous duration of application use. If a user leaves the app and resumes from the multi-tasking bar, this will be counted as a new session.

Daily Max/User limits the number of ads available to each user on a daily basis, regardless of how many sessions are initiated by the user. V4VC™ video zones have this additional cap setting located in the "Virtual Currency Rewards" section of the "Edit Zone" page.
Still have questions? Contact a support representative at
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10. How frequently do you recommend pre/mid/post roll and interstitial video ads be shown?

Pre/mid/post roll and video interstitials are great for multi-level games or shorter arcade games, with ads placed after every level or every other level, depending on level session length. One video per 2-3 minutes in user session time is another good guideline to follow.

AdColony video interstitials are complementary to other monetization channels, such as banners or static interstitials. Contact us at for integration recommendations.
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11. For V4VC™, what do you recommend we reward users?

It is important to calculate the appropriate amount of currency awarded; offering too much virtual currency per video may cannibalize your in-app purchases, and offering too low will not give users enough incentive to watch ads.  We work with many publishers who have had great success rewarding users in both soft and hard currency.  Additionally, you have the ability to dynamically manage the daily cap of videos per user and the amount of currency rewarded in the client dashboard for each zone.

Please read "V4VC™ Security and Usage Tips" for more information on reward strategies and recommendations for V4VC™. You can also contact us at for specific integration recommendations for your app.
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12. How do I receive payment for my earnings?

Our payment terms are net 60 days.  Payment can be received via check, PayPal, wire transfer, or ACH payments for domestic partners.  For international partners, we offer PayPal or wire transfer.  Please confirm payment with your publishing representative and ensure your mailing information is correct in the AdColony client dashboard in your Account page.  International publishers do not need to provide a tax form.
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13. How many Ad zones can I have per app?

You can set up as many Ad zones as you want, however, you can only activate 15 Ad zones at a time.

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