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UPDATED: Aug 08, 2017 02:52PM PDT

​​​1. Does it cost anything to register for and use AdColony?

No, AdColony registration and use is 100% FREE! Publishers can download the SDK, sign up, integrate, submit their application, and receive live ads without being charged a penny.
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​​2. How do I sign up or register for AdColony?

It only takes a minute to register online at and it only requires a valid email address. Once you sign up with your email address, we will send a confirmation link to that email address. Just click the confirmation link to validate your email address, and you'll be taken to a page to set your account password. Your account will be created as soon as you confirm your password.
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3. How do I check my account info and change my email and password?

You can check your account info at any time. To do this, log in to the client dashboard at Click on the dropdown menu button at the top right of the page and select "Account Settings" to view your account profile. Here you can change the password associated with your account, which is used to log in. You can also set your name and your organization's name here.  If you need to change your email address, you must contact our Support team at or use the "Email Support" link on this page.
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4. What billing and tax information is required for me to receive payment?

To receive payment, you must log in to to "Account Settings > Payment Info", fill out ALL the information, and comply to our legal agreement with your digital signature. If you have any questions, please email

For domestic publishers, a W9 must be completed. This information is necessary to receive payment for domestic publishers. International publishers must submit a W8-BEN form for processing.

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5. Where do I view and manage my publisher payouts and my advertiser balance?

In the "Account Settings > Billing" section of the client dashboard you will see the following tabs:
 — "Summary" tab shows your transaction history.
 — "Transfer Funds" tab allows you to transfer your publisher earning balance to your advertiser balance.
 — "Add Funds" tab is where you can add money to your advertiser balance via credit card.
 — "Payment Info" tab contains all the info we need to send you payments for your publisher earnings and must be filled out entirely before we can send you a check. If you wish to receive alternative payment methods or have any questions regarding billing, email

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6. Can I add other users to my account or share my account?

Yes, that is done through the "Account Settings > Manage Users" section of the client dashboard. These users will have access to the same view as the Master Account unless you change their view permissions.  The email address of the individual who initially created the account is the "Master Account" user. Any subsequent users invited through the Master Account will become a sub-account user.

​To add users to your account, you must invite them. Just enter their email address above the table on "Account Settings > Manage Users" and click the "Invite User" button. The user will be sent a confirmation link to their email address, which will confirm their account after they've set their password. They will then be created as a "Limited" user on the master account. As you will notice, you can view date created, status, last login time, and IP address of last login. Only the master account user can then set their permissions, by going to the "Permissions" view of the table.

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7. What is the account "Activity Log"?

This is a log of all the transactions and changes made on your account. This is useful for looking back at when changes were made, and by whom if there are multiple users on an account. Master account users can view all the user activity on the account, while limited users can only see their own activity.

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