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UPDATED: Jul 01, 2016 03:01PM PDT
CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)
The payment rate for every one thousand impressions. CPM is the basic unit of revenue measurement in display advertising.
CPCV (Cost Per Completed Video)
Advertising where publishers are paid for every completed video view. AdColony operates on a CPCV model.
CPC (Cost Per Click)
The payment rate that generates revenue for every click on an advertisement.
CTR (Click Through Rate)
Calculated as Clicks over Total Impressions, this number refers to the percentage of impressions that results in a click through.
CVV (Completed Video View)
A unique completed view of a video advertisement played by the SDK (a video complete must be triggered).
DAU (Daily Active Users)
The number of daily active users for the app.
The revenue earned by your apps from AdColony backfill ads.
eCPM (Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions)
The effective cost of advertising sold on a given basis. eCPM is the blended rate for the advertising you serve, if it were served on a CPM basis.
Fill Rate
The percentage of ads requested by the app to be played that triggered a video start. Fill rate tracks how often AdColony starts an ad in response to the app asking the SDK to play an ad from cache.
A single, non-unique view of an advertisement (a video start must be triggered).
AdColony’s proprietary ad serving technology that allows ads to play instantaneously, thereby minimizing a user’s time away from your app.
Ads that play at set intervals throughout your application as preroll, midroll or postroll.
Multiple Video Zones
A video zone is used to display a pool of video ads targeted to that specific zone in that application. Ad performance stats are also aggregated by zones and apps, so each zone can define the ads sent and displayed, as well tracking for that specific ad zone. Multiple Video Zones allows many new abilities, such as tracking different ad placements, targeting groups or individuals for specific video content, varying rewards by user characteristic (for V4VC™ zones) and conducting A/B testing.
The number of ads requested by the app to be played by the SDK.
Use Rate​
Percent of unique daily active users of the app that started playback of an ad from the SDK. Use rate tracks the proportion of the app’s users who actually see an ad played by the SDK.  It does not distinguish whether the returned ads were from AdColony SaaS or from AdColony backfill ads.
V4VC™ (Videos-For-Virtual-Currency™)
AdColony’s groundbreaking reward-based advertising system that provides incremental revenue for freemium and free-to-play applications.
A comprehensive list of definitions for our web dashboard reports can be seen here.

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