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Value Exchange (V4VC™)

UPDATED: Jun 10, 2016 03:31PM PDT


1. What is value exchange, or V4VC™ (Videos-For-Virtual-Currency)?

Videos-For-Virtual-Currency™ (aka V4VC™) is AdColony's reward-based video advertising technology. Publishers can reward users with virtual currency or goods for watching an AdColony video ad. The entire transaction takes place in the application, so users are never forced to leave their content in order to earn rewards. 
V4VC™ is an extremely effective way for publishers of free-to-play or freemium apps to increase revenue and monetize their non-transacting user base.

Obtaining virtual currency is an important part of mobile game economies, and therefore it is important that the system managing virtual currency balances is secure. Due to this need for security, AdColony offers a server verification system for all V4VC transactions.
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2. How does V4VC™ work?

If you would like to reward your users for watching video ads, you enable virtual currency rewards of your desired ad zone in your application. When ads for reward-enabled zones finish playing, the user is rewarded immediately via a callback that the application listens for and updates their currency balance. There are also optional and customizable alert prompts for the user.
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3. What are the requirements for using  V4VC™?

In order to use V4VC™, your application needs "currency", virtual goods, or something to reward your users in exchange for completed video views. To use the server verification system for V4VC™ transaction, you must have a server API (or script) that can increment your user's virtual currency balances via the url callback, referred to as a server-side solution. If you manage your user's virtual currency on the client, referred to as client-side solution, then you will need to reward your users via code in your app when notified by the AdColony SDK.
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4. How do the general economics of V4VC™ work?

V4VC™ is intended to drive revenue in free-to-play or freemium applications. We encourage publishers to experiment with the amount and type of virtual currency rewarded per view, while factoring in your average eCPM accessible from your publisher account. 
For questions regarding the best V4VC™ integration in your app, contact a Publishing Representative at
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5. What is the monetization strategy of V4VC™?

V4VC™ provides additional incremental revenue and value with in-app purchases. It also entices non-spending users to monetize and can be used as an incentivized cross-promotional tool for developers.

The goal of V4VC™ is to monetize the 80-95% of the non-monetizing users in an app who are willing to spend their time for a value-exchange. The virtual currency amount to be rewarded is controlled by the developer, so the developer must choose an amount of virtual currency that incentivizes use among non-monetization users, but does not over-incentivize at the cost of negatively affecting the other revenue streams and the game economy.
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6. Is V4VC™ compatible with other monetization tools?

Yes, V4VC™ can coexist with other offer ad networks or offerwalls. Your users can still make in-app purchases and can choose not to watch videos if implemented in an opt-in fashion. When implemented correctly, V4VC™ will function as an additional revenue source to in-app purchases and your existing monetization tools.
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​7. Is V4VC™ allowed by Apple, Google and Amazon's app store rules and guidelines?

Yes, V4VC™ does not violate Apple, Google, or Amazon's app store policies. This is because it does not incentivize and reward the download of applications. The completed video view is the action that is rewarded. Because videos are compelling and AdColony HD video ads have high click-through-rates, they drive much higher downloads and conversion rates than static banners.
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8. Does V4VC™ require server-side or client-side reward implementation?

We prefer server-side reward implementation due to the additional security features we provide.  However, not all developers have a hosting server and may decide that a client-side implementation may be better suited for their needs.  Refer to the V4VC™ Security section for more details.
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9. What controls are available to manage V4VC™ rewards and settings?

If you would like to reward your users for watching video ads, you should enable virtual currency rewards in the desired ad zone of your application through our website dashboard. Available settings include daily video view limits and reward amounts.
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