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Instant-Play™ HD Technology

UPDATED: May 31, 2016 04:46PM PDT

1. What is AdColony proprietary Instant-Play™ HD technology?

Instant-Play™ is the name of AdColony’s patent-pending, proprietary video ad serving technology which virtually eliminates load time on video ad playback of HD-like quality.

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2. What types of Instant-Play™ video units does AdColony offer?

The two ad units offered by AdColony to help you drive monetization are AdColony video interstitials and Videos-For-Virtual-Currency™ (V4VC™) ad units.
Instant-Play™ video interstitials are AdColony's video ad unit that can run as pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll. With interstitial ads, the publisher can control where and when the ad will be shown to the user, as well as how frequently ads will play per session. 

V4VC™ video ads are AdColony's value-exchange video ad unit that normally runs as opt-in. With V4VC™ ads, publishers are encouraged to place callouts in or near their existing virtual currency in-app purchase store, throughout strategic locations where virtual currency is needed or when the user is low on virtual currency. Learn more about V4VC™ here.
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3. Are Instant-Play™ videos skippable?

The default configuration setting for AdColony videos are non-skippable as a service to our advertising partners who are seeking engagement, not just impressions. Non-skip ad units also yield higher payouts for publishers because advertisers love the higher completion and engagement rates. For questions regarding skippable ads, contact a Publishing representative at
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​4. How long are the video ads?

Most of the video ads tend to be around 15 seconds. Occasionally, there are 30 second video ads which tend to be mostly brand advertisers with highly engaging video content such as movie trailers or tv commercials. For any ads that are 60 seconds or longer, AdColony will ask permission from the publisher.
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