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Integration & Web Dashboard Quick Fixes

UPDATED: Jul 30, 2018 10:37AM PDT

1. The activation link to my account isn’t working. Who can I contact to resend my activation link?

Contact us at with your request and we will send a new activation link to the email used to sign up in our system. This link will be active for 1 hour. If you do not see the activation link in your inbox, please check your junk/spam folder. 
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2. I’d like to review your Terms of Service Agreement.

You can download our Terms of Service Agreement document from our web dashboard. To do this, you will need to log in to your account at From here you will click on the drop down menu (black icon with arrow in the upper right hand corner of our page) and choose Account Settings. On the page that loads you will see your account information; your TOS Agreement will be linked just under the Read-Only API key. Click the download link to get a PDF of this document.
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3. I’d like my account to be deleted from the dashboard.

While our data structure does not allow for accounts to be deleted, we can deactivate your account in our system. You will no longer be able to log in and will need to contact us at if you would like to reactivate your account. Do note that your account is still treated as sensitive private data in accordance with our privacy policy even though it is deactivated.
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4. I’d like to delete an app/zone from the dashboard.

Due to the data associated with them, we cannot delete apps from the dashboard. You can reuse the apps that you've created in the dashboard by renaming them in the settings. If you are not planning to release a new app soon, you'll want to rename these apps to indicate that they are inactive. We suggest "App Name - inactive", so that it is easier to see any inactive apps in your list.
If you are planning to leave it inactive for some time, you should go into the settings for each zone and set them as inactive until you use that app again to ensure no videos will be delivered to these zones.
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5. I have followed the integration documentation but am not receiving test ads. 

Your app may not be receiving test ads for a number of reasons. Please log in to our dashboard, select your app, and click on your zone. Be sure the zone is active by selecting Yes for “Zone is active?”. Verify that the House Ads setting is set to None or Back Fill. Having 100% House Ads enabled will prevent our test ad from playing. Lastly, please verify that test ads are enabled for your zone by selecting Yes for “Show test ads only?”.

If test ads are still not playing after following these suggestions, please reach out to us at and we can look into this further. 
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6. I have enabled live ads, but am not seeing any ads.

Is your app live with our SDK already integrated? If not, what you're seeing is normal; we don't send live ads to apps that aren't live for download in one of the app stores or to updates that have zones in development (testing zones fall into this). 
When your app is live for download it will have access to more video campaigns. For now, as long as the test ads are playing properly you can assume that your integration is working properly as our test ads play exactly like our live ads do without the view limitations.

If your app is live with our SDK integrated and this issue persists, please reach out to our Support team at for further guidance.
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7. My app status is showing the following issue: “Market ID not provided”.

If your app is already live on an app store, search for the application by name it from the drop-down list. If our search does not return your app, you can also search by the developer name registered to your app.
If your app is not returned in the search results, enter the app's name for reference and skip the search process. Do not worry, this will not affect the number of video campaigns available to play in your app. You may continue integrating / testing our SDK in the app and if the live app is already updated with our SDK successfully integrated, it will receive live ads. 
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8. My app status is showing the following issue: “SDK not integrated”.

It is possible for our SDK to be properly integrated in your app and for this status to still be shown in our dashboard. This status means that your app has not reported a live completed video view. Once a completed view has been reported in our dashboard, this requirement will be fulfilled. 
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9. AdColony videos only display in landscape mode on my device.

Our videos are required to play in landscape orientation on phones, regardless of the orientation of your app.  However, on a tablet, our videos will play in either orientation and respect any orientation locks that your app uses.
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10. I’d like to prevent certain ads from playing in my apps.

We offer the ability to customize the types of ads served to your apps in our dashboard. To do this, log into your account at and select the app that you are working with. Click on the Edit App button near the right sight of the screen and scroll down to the section labeled Customize Your Ads on the following screen. By default, all ad categories are enabled. Uncheck the boxes of the ad categories you would like to disable. If your app is targeted towards a particular audience, be sure to note the age ranges of our Apps, Movies & Entertainment, TV, and Video Games categories. 
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11. I do not see the option to set up skippable ads for my iOS apps.

For iOS apps, skippable ads must be enabled by an AdColony admin. Send a request to asking to enable skippable ads. We will also need to know the following information to complete this setup:
  • Zone ID
  • How many seconds into the video you would like the “skip ad” button to appear
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If your question is not covered in this article, feel free to reach out to our Support team at for further guidance.

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