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Data and Clickstream Collection

UPDATED: Mar 17, 2016 07:18PM PDT

AdColony Data/Clickstream Collection

The purpose of this document is to provide developers details on data collection and clickstream tracking performed by the AdColony SDK. All data collection and handling is done in accordance with our Privacy Policy. No Personally Identifiable Information (as defined by applicable laws) of end users is collected or used by AdColony.

Video Metrics

AdColony tracks and stores the following user viewability metrics for our mobile in-app video ads:

  1. Start (user has started video)
  2. First Quartile Complete (user has watched 25% of video)
  3. Second Quartile Complete (user has watched 50% of video)
  4. Third Quartile Complete (user has watched 75% of video)
  5. Complete (user has completed video)
  6. Replay (user choose to replay video)
  7. Paused (user paused video mid-play)
  8. Resumed (user resumed watching video)
  9. Skipped (user closed out of ad video during play)
  10. Cancelled (publisher cancels ad due to interruption – like a phone call)
  11. Video Expanded (user clicked on video to enlarge)
  12. DEC dissolved (DEC dissolved b/c of poor internet connection)
  13. Sound Mute (user muted sound)
  14. Sound Unmute (user unmuted sound)

Dynamic End Card Metrics

AdColony tracks all measurable user interactions on our Dynamic End Cards, including but not limited to:

  1. Click (e.g. click to a website)
  2. Click and Drag (e.g. interaction with an on-screen object)
  3. Swipe (e.g. user swipes through a gallery of images or videos)
  4. Wipe (e.g. user performs screen ‘wipe’ action to reveal an image underneath)
  5. Maps/Zip Code Entry (e.g. user enters zip code to locate themselves on a map)
  6. Calendar (e.g. remind users of an upcoming event by adding it to their calendar)
  7. Video Thumbnail/YouTube (e.g. encourage users to watch a YouTube video)
  8. Submit (e.g. direct users to submit a response or search)
  9. Save/Send Coupon: Email, SMS, Save to Photo Album or Save to Passbook
  10. Social Network Engagements (e.g. user tweets message; or ‘likes’ something on Facebook)
  11. Install (e.g. user installed an app)
  12. Time Spent on End Card

In-Video Overlay Metrics

AdColony tracks and stores the following user interactions with our in-video overlay:

  1. In-video engagement (user clicks overlay button that appears during video and is taken to client-defined URL)

Classic End Card Metrics

AdColony tracks the following user interactions with our Classic End Cards:

  1. More Info (when user clicks ‘Info’ button, user is taken to client-defined URL)
  2. Download (when user clicks ‘Download button, user is taken to client-defined URL)
  3. Replay (when user clicks, video is replayed)
  4. Continue (when user clicks ‘Continue’, ad is closed and user is returned to app)

VIP & Achievement Metrics

For customers using Yvolver VIP/Achievement features the information tracked and measured depends on which features are used. See below for details.

Overlays and In-App Noticiations
All measurable user interactions on Overlays and In-App Notifications are measured, including but not limited to:
  1. The app in which the activity was triggered
  2. Timing (load time, time before interaction, dwell time)
  3. Engagement with content, including the method of dismissing
VIP & Achievement Program
For customers using VIP & Achievement programs, the information collected depends on what kinds of events the publisher decides to make a part of the VIP/Achievement System. If a Publisher chooses to make the following events part of the program, collected includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  1. In-App Purchase Validation - Time of the purchase, Product ID, Cost, Currency
  2. Gameplay and Rounds - Statistics, changes in stats, and timing
  3. Digital Item Rewards – Time & Product ID

A/B Test & Custom Segments
For customers using A/B tests and/or custom segments, information collected includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  1. Active A/B Tests and variant IDs.
  2. Custom Segment Names and IDs

General Tracking/Data Collection

AdColony collects the following general user information to assist in selecting and serving ads and/or administering a VIP/Achievement program:

  1. IP Address (which is translated into country, region, city, dma and zip level geos, as well as ISP name)
  2. Device identifiers, including:
    1. Non-Persistent: Apple’s IDFA; Google’s AdID
    2. Legacy/Persistent (collected only on versions of the OS which do not support Non-Persistent Device IDs): SHA1-hashed Google Android ID, UDID, SHA1-hashed MAC Address, openUDID, ODIN-1, IMEi, custom ID (passed by publisher)
  3. The app and zone in which user activity took place
  4. Timestamp of user events and interactions
  5. User’s device model, device type, OS, OS version, SDK type, SDK version, screen height and width, network type, network speed, carrier and device’s language and currency setting
  6. Number of times app is backgrounded
  7. Application visibility states (LAUNCH, TERMINATE, FOREGROUND, BACKGROUND) and the times at which they occurred

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