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Device Identifiers & User Privacy

UPDATED: May 20, 2016 05:13PM PDT

1. What Advertising Identifier (IDFA) settings should a developer select in iTunes Connect when submitting an app to Apple for approval?

Apple recently updated a section in iTunes Connect requesting developers to confirm how the Advertising Identifier (IDFA) is used, to ensure compliance with Apple's Terms of Service, especially with regard to the Limited Ad Tracking option. This section requires developers to explicitly confirm, with a checkbox click, how they use IDFA.

With respect to AdColony's SDK (applies to both Unity and Adobe Air plugins), we adhere to all of Apple's Terms of Service regarding Advertising Identifier. Developers may select all boxes that apply to their use of AdColony, including the box related to respecting the user's Limited Ad Tracking setting.

Please Note: The information above only applies to the AdColony SDK. You also need to take into account your own use of IDFA as well as the use of IDFA by other parties before answering the questions.

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2. How does the AdColony SDK use Apple's Advertising Identifier (IDFA) on iOS and does this comply with the App Store's Guidelines?

AdColony iOS SDK uses the Advertising Identifier (IDFA) for the following purposes:
  • Serve advertisements within the app
  • Attribute app installation to a previously served advertisement
  • Attribute an action taken within the app to a previously served advertisement

​AdColony respects user’s Limit Ad Tracking setting in iOS and complies 100% with Apple’s “Limited Advertising Purposes” as defined in the iOS Developer Program License Agreement when this setting is enabled by a user.
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3. How does the AdColony SDK use Google's new Advertising ID on Android, and does this comply with the Play Stores's Guidelines?

AdColony's updated Android SDK 2.0.7+ supporting the new Android Advertising ID is available.  Android_ID in hashed SHA-1 format is used as the Device Identifier whenever the new Advertising ID is not available. The deadline for publishers to comply with Google's terms is August 1, 2014.
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