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V4VC™ Popup Customization

UPDATED: May 16, 2016 04:41PM PDT


1. What is the default AdColony popup, and can I remove the popups?

By default, the SDK uses the AdColony popups as seen below. The default AdColony popups query the AdColony server ­configuration information on your zone's V4VC rewards. If you are comfortable using the default AdColony popups, this is the easiest way to get integrated.
You can also remove the popups, as you are not forced to use them. We do recommend notifying your users in some way on how much currency they will receive and when they have received it, which should be immediately after viewing the ad.
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2. How do I setup my own custom popups to match my native app?

The following step explains how to implement custom popups before and after AdColony V4VC™ ads. It involves querying AdColony for server ­configurable information about V4VC rewards, and details precautions you should take to make sure that your user interface reflects the behavior that users will experience.

AdColony provides methods that return the currency name and reward amount associated with a zone. AdColony also provides a method to retrieve the remaining number of videos until a reward will occur if your zone utilizes the multiple videos per reward feature. You should incorporate all of this information in your custom popups. Using the information passed back by AdColony ensures that your custom popups will reflect changes you make on to the currency name and reward amount, preventing user confusion. You should retrieve the zone ID or slot number for the zone you are using to play a V4VC ad, and pass it into the following methods.

​If using zone ID:
NSString*currencyName=[AdColonygetVirtualCurrencyNameForZone:/*zoneID*/]; intcurrencyAmount=[AdColonygetVirtualCurrencyRewardAmountForZone:/*zoneID*/]; intremaining=[AdColonyPublicgetVideosPerReward:currencyName]‐[AdColonyPublicgetVideoCreditBalance:currencyName];

If using slot number:
NSString*currencyName=[AdColonygetVirtualCurrencyNameForSlot:/*slotint*/]; intcurrencyAmount=[AdColonygetVirtualCurrencyRewardAmountForSlot:/*slotint*/]; intremaining=[AdColonyPublicgetVideosPerReward:currencyName]‐[AdColonyPublicgetVideoCreditBalance:currencyName];

Below are example example of a styled V4VC popups from Sovereign Kingdoms by Jirbo.

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​​3. How can I check for available videos and enforce limits?

Check to ensure that videos are ready to play using the zone ID or slot number of the zone you are going to use to play a V4VC ad. You will want to change your user interface to reflect when videos are unavailable so that users are not confused. Please refer to the section of this document entitled “Advanced AdColony: Checking Video Readiness” for detailed instructions for how to create callbacks that AdColony will use to notify you of the availability of video ads.

Check to see if the user has hit their daily reward cap. You will want to change your popup user interface to reflect when the user is at their daily play cap to encourage them to return tomorrow and to prevent users from thinking a video will play, then seeing no video.

If using slot number:

If using zone ID:
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